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“Committed to nurturing the health and well-being of every child, the Department of Pediatrics at Government Medical College Handwara is dedicated to providing comprehensive, compassionate, and cutting-edge care for children of all ages. We prioritize the physical, emotional, and developmental needs of each child, ensuring a nurturing environment for their growth and prosperity.”


  • Lead in the advancement of pediatric healthcare, education, and research.
  • Deliver outstanding medical services tailored to the unique needs of every child.
  • Foster a collaborative and supportive environment to empower families and communities in making informed decisions for their children’s health and future.


  • Be recognized as a pioneering force in pediatric healthcare, research, and education.
  • Strive for continuous innovation and excellence in the field.
  • Ensure every child has access to personalized, holistic care to help them thrive and reach their full potential.


Sno Name Designation Email
01 Dr. Khalid Rahim Consultant Associated hospital GMC Handwara Khalidrahim.rahim@gmail.com
02 Dr. Irshad Ahmad Bhat Assistant Professor Bhat297@gmail.com
03 Dr. Naseer Yousuf Mir Assistant Professor mirnasirgmc@gmail.com


Sno Name Designation Phone No.
01 Dr.Shabeena Farnaz Medic
02 Dr.Andleeb Bashir Medic
03 Dr.Haris Hussain Khan Medic
04 Dr. Najma nisaa Medic

Publications & Research work:

1. Dr Irshad Ahmad Bhat

  • Assistant Professor
  • MBBS: GMC Srinagar, Dec 2012
  • MD Pediatrics/Neonatology: SKIMS, April 2017

Publications & Research work:

  • Levetiracetam versus Phenobarbitone for Acute Seizure Control in Neonates.
  • Clinical and Epidemiological Profile of H1N1 Influenza A in Kashmiri Children.
  • A prospective studyof effect of antieplilepticdrugs on serum vitamin D levelsin pediatric epileptic patients.
  • Clinical Profile and Etiology of Neonatal Seizures in a Tertiary Care Hospital in North India.
  • Study of serum prolactin levels in seizures
  • Demographic profile of paediatric patients and their parents visiting paediatric emergency in urban tertiary care Hospital and parental reasons for nonemergency visits.
  • Prevalence of Depression in Mothers of Children with Cerebral Palsy.
  • Role of CSF IL- 1β And Il- 6 in diagnosis of Meningitis in pediatricpatients and their potential role as markers of differential diagnosis in aseptic and bacterial meningitis.
  • Clinical and bacteriological profile of neonatal sepsis: A study in SKIMS hospital Srinagar.
  • Study of congenital heart disease in neonates: clinical profile, diagnosis, immediate outcome and short-term follow-up.
  • Assessment of clinical spectrum of immediate outcome of neonate born through meconium- stained amniotic fluid.

2. Dr Naseer Yousuf Mir

  • Assistant Professor
  • MBBS: GMC Jammu, 2014
  • MD Pediatrics/ Neonatology : SKIMS, 2019

Publications & Research work:

  • Cohen Syndrome, a case series from Kashmir, 3 siblings with Cohen syndrome and a novel mutation.
  • Pulmonary hypertention and the common organisms in the sputum culture of patients with cystic fibrosis.
  • Etiology of severe anemia in children aged 6 months to 5 years in Kashmir.
  • Non nutritional causes of severe anemia in Kashmiri children.
  • Clinical course, complications, immunization status and outcome of mumps in children.
  • Clinical profile of mumps in children in tertiary care hospital in Kashmir.
  • Incidence of nasal trauma in nCPAP vs HHHFNC in neonates and our experience in GMC Srinagar.
  • The electrolyte abnormalties and duration of hospitalization in children with gastroenteritis.
  • Clinical profile and outcome of acute poisoning in children and our experience in GB Pant hospital GMC Srinagar.
  • Psychosocial and psychiatric comorbidities among children with poisoning.
  • Occurrence of VUR among antenatally detected UTD/ AHDN.
  • Case report, Neonatal Severe Primary Hyperparathyroidism.
  • Proportion of urinary tract infections in neonatal sepsis.
  • IgA Vasculitis (HSP) in children, A Kashmiri experience.
  • Procalcitonin as an early marker of invasive bacterial infection in febrile children.
  • Diagnostic dilema of traumatic LP, Current standing of CSF , leucocyte corrections and our experience with CSF biomarkers.

3. Dr Khalid Rahim

  • Consultant Associated hospital GMC Handwara
  • MBBS : GMC Srinagar, 2004
  • DCH Pediatrics : GMC Jammu, 2008
  • DNB Pediatrics : Yashoda Superspeciality Hospital , NCR Delhi 2015

Publications & Research work:

  • CRP level in CSF in infective meningitis in pediatric age group.
  • Etiology of recurrent abdominal pain a prospective study.

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