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  • To enhance the infrastructure & functional status of the department of surgery in next five years at par to other pioneer institutions of the country.
  • In next five years, we want to develop super-specialities like Urology, Oncology, Surgical Gastroenterology & Minimal Access Surgery.
  • The training of the postgraduates and undergraduates has to be structured as per the current guidelines of the National Medical Commission.
  • To acquire the latest technology and training in surgical practice for better patient care. Areas to be developed are advanced 3D/4K Laparoscopic equipment's & procedures, endoscopic equipment like EUS, capsule endoscopy, LASER, development of Bariatric Surgery and Robotic Surgery.


  • To provide the highest quality patient care to all people through innovation, world-class research, and training the next generation of surgical health care professionals and scientists.


  • To provide the standard level of teaching & learning for students as per NMC guideline.
  • To provide innovation in surgical practice & translational research for better patient management.
  • To provide the highest level of patient care, specially to downtrodden of the society..

Faculty Information:

1. Dr.Shaukat Jeelani

  • Professor
  • 9906470604
  • Dr.shaukatjeelani@gmail.com


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  • Laparoscopic common bile duct exploration with primary closure over an antegrade biliary stent, Our experience. International Surgery Journal. 2021
  • Non operative management of isolated traumatic splenic injury. International Surgery Journal. April 2021
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  • Clinical study of incidental gall bladder malignancy after elective cholecystectomy- a retrospective study. J Evid Based Med Healthc. April 2019
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  • A Stop-gap Procedure in the Management of High-Risk Patients with Acute Biliary Tract Diseases. International journal of contemporary medical research. January 2018
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  • Is there a need for intra operative cholangiogram in patients of cholelithiasis with and without clinical indication of common bile duct exploration while performing open or laparoscopic cholecystectomy. The Internet J. Surg. 2019

2. Dr. Zahoor Hamdani

  • Asst.Professor
  • 9419061074
  • mzahoorhamdani@gmail.com


  • Zahoor Hamdani. Lateral subcutaneous internal sphicterotomy. A comparison with anal stretching for the treatment of anal fissure: Indian journal of coloproctology.vol 8&9:1993-94.
  • Khurshid wani, Zahoor Hamdani: Cryohaemorrhoidectomy compared to excision and ligation: Indian journal of coloproctology vol 15,2000.
  • Rohul Jabeen Shah, Zahoor Hamdani: Tubectomy as method of family planning, factors influencing the decision to undergo tubectomy and post tubectomy morbidity in women in a rural area of Kashmir.: IJPD ,2011; 6 (1) ISSN -0973-516X .
  • Jabeen Rohul,Aakifa Maqbool,Syed Arshad Husssain,Hamid Shamila,Fazili Anjum & Zahoor Hamdani: Prevalence of refractive errors in adolescents in outpatient attendees of the preventive ophthalmology clinic of community medicine, SKIMS Kashmir, India:NUJHS vol .3,No 1,March2013,ISSN 2249-7110.
  • Allaqband U.F., Shah R.J., Fazili A. B., Hamdani M.Z * Contraceptive knowledge and practices in women, cross sectional study Vol 9 (issue 6) june 2020 Internationl Journal of Scientific Research.
  • Zahoor gilkar et al:Impact of SARS COV-2(Covid-19) on emergency surgical procedures-An observational retrospective study in a single center Medical college hospital in south Kashmir. Journal of Medical sciences 2021,24(2)29-34.
  • Mohammad Zahoor Hamdani et al: A comparison between two methods of fallopian tube ligation for sterilization of women in a low resource setting .Volume 2 issue -07 july 2022 No2277-8160.

3. Dr. Naveed Nabi

  • Asst.Professor (General Surgery)


  • Education MBBS , MS (Surg)– SKIMS


  • Association of Surgeons of India
  • Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India


  • drnaveednabi58@gmail.com


  • Comparison of pre-operative and post-operative liver function tests in patients undergoing laparoscopic cholecystectomy at different intra-peritoneal pressures. International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences (Jan;2023).
  • Inguinal Hernia in female children_A case series of 19 patients. International Journal of Advanced Research (Feb; 2023).
  • Outcome of different surgical procedures for fistula-in-ano: a single centre-based study. International Surgery Journal (March; 2022).
  • Feasibility of managing acute pancreatitis in a peripheral set-up. International Journal of Surgery and Medicine (Jan; 2022).
  • Clinical profile of malignancies of groin region in our area: a combined retrospective and prospective study. International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences (March;2021).
  • Impact of Surgery on the Hemangiogenic Profile, Especially VEGF Levels, in Lung Cancer Patients. Mædica - a Journal of Clinical Medicine/Pubmed Journal (June; 2021).
  • Need for restrictive criteria to define symptomatic cholelithiasis to avoid unnecessary cholecystectomies-evidence from the literature review. International Surgery Journal (March; 2021).
  • Incidence and Etiology of Various Cancers in Kashmir Valley-A Comprehensive Review of Literature. International Journal of Applied Sciences and Biotechnology (Nov; 2020).
  • Brachial artery pseudo-aneurysm in intravenous drug abuser: a rare case report. International Surgery Journal (May;2019).

4.Dr. Jan Mohammad Rather

  • Assistant Professor (General Surgery)

Education Qualification

  • MBBS, MS (Surg)


  • Indian Association of Gastro-intestinal Endoscopic Surgeons.


  • ratherjmr1@gmail.com


  • Outcome of Live Related Kidney transplants with multiple renal arteries. Journal of Medical science and clinical Research (Jan; 2018).
  • Drain vs. No Drain in Complicated Appendicitis. International Journal of Current Advanced Research (Jan; 2023).
  • TAPP vs. Lichtenstein’s Repair in Inguinal Hernia. International Journal of Medical Science and innovative Research (Jan; 2023).
  • Heterotopic gastric mucosa in jejunum. A rare case Report. Journal of Medical Sciences (April; 2019).
  • Post-thoracotomy ipsilateral shoulder pain: what should be preferred to optimize it- Phrenic nerve infiltration or Paracetamol infusion? Annals of cardiac Anesthesia (July;2019).

5.Dr. Showkat Ali

  • Assistant Professor (General Surgery)

Education Qualification

  • MBBS (GMC Srinagar)
  • MS - SKIMS Soura Srinagar.


  • docshowkat34@gmail.com


  • Clinicopathological Profile of Colorectal Cancer in Kashmir. Clinics in Surgery/Remedy Publications LLC. March 2019.
  • Influence of gross tumor morphology on Clinicopathological profile of colorectal cancers. Current Medicine Research and Practice/Elsevier Journal. September 2019.
  • Pre-Operative Predictors of Difficult Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. Annals of R.S.C.B. Dec 2020.
  • Clinical profile of malignancies of groin region in our area: a combined retrospective and prospective study. International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences. March 2021.
  • Impact of Surgery on the Hemangiogenic Profile, Especially VEGF Levels, in Lung Cancer Patients. Mædica - a Journal of Clinical Medicine/Pubmed Journal. June 2021.
  • Incidence and Risk Factors of Inguinal Hernia in a Kashmiri Population. Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry. Jan 2022.
  • Laparoscopic versus open ventral hernia repair: A comparative study. International Journal of Surgery Science. July 2022.
  • Hernioplasty for uncomplicated inguinal hernia done under local anesthesia versus spinal anesthesia.International Journal of Surgery Science. July 2022.
  • Assessment of Risk Factors and Outcome of Acute Pancreatitis. Neuro-Quantology. September 2022.
  • Evaluating the risk factors for Hemorrhagic Stroke. Neuro-Quantology. September 2022.
  • Clinical profile of patients with acute pancreatitis. International Journal of Advanced Research in Medicine. March 2023.

Our Faculty Members:

Sno Name Designation Email
01 Prof (Dr.) Shaukat Jeelani Professor / HOD dr.shaukatjeelani@gmail.com
02 Dr. Zahoor Hamdani Assistant Professor mzahoorhamdani@gmail.com
03 Dr. Naveed Nabi Assistant Professor drnaveednabi58@gmail.com
04 Dr. Jan M. Rather Assistant Professor ratherjmr1@gmail.com
05 Dr. Showkat Ali Bhat Assistant Professor docshowkat34@gmail.com
06 Dr. Farooq Ahmad Sofi Consultant(Health & Family Welfare)
07 Dr. Ashfaq Amin Consultant(Health & Family Welfare) ashfaq834@gmail.com

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