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Physiology of today is the Medicine of tomorrow (Ernest Starling).The physiology department seeks to fulfill the society need with highly qualified medical staff capable to provide the medical field needs alleviate medical problems. The department of physiology is fully committed to the principles of medical education which are the transmission of knowledge through teaching, generation of knowledge through research and dissemination and preservation of knowledge through publication.


  • To provide a superior teaching in the physiological sciences to medical UG students.
  • To promote innovations in curriculum development, teaching-learning methods and student assessment.
  • To ensure harmonious relationship among faculty, students, parents and society through effective systems of communication, counseling and guidance
  • To strengthen professional competencies of faculty and support staff through faculty development and continuing education programs.
  • To promote scientific research among faculty and students for furthering the understanding of biological phenomena in health and disease.
  • To establish collaborations with regional, national and international organizations for promoting education and research.


  • To be an outstanding “Department of Excellence” of Physiology by promoting need-based and value-based education and contributing to the advancement of science through research.

Faculty Information:

Dr.Safura Dewani

  • Assistant Professor
  • peerzadasafura15@gmail.com
  • 6005460170


  • Effect and Relationship of duration of Diabetes with intraocular pressure in adults of Kashmir:Astudy from tertiary care centre in north india. Europe in journal of molecular and clinical medicineISSN 2515-8260 volume 09;Issue 08;2022
  • Frequency and distribution of Abo and rhesus blood groups among medical students in Kashmir india. Journal of pharmaceutical negative results vol 13 special issue 9;2022
  • Clinico demographic analysis of symptomatic vs asymptomatic COVID 19 Patients:A one year retrospective study from tertiary care centre in Kashmir, India Nov 2022;Panacea journal of medical sciences 12(3) :545-550


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01 Dr.Zahid Nazir Bhat Senior resident 9149887375
02 Dr. Farah Malik Senior resident 7006363794
03 Dr. Bisma Gulzar Senior resident 7889433519
04 Dr.Bakir Imitiyaz Bhat Senior resident 9149788379

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